On the 22nd January 2016 the Bodleian Library, Oxford, hosted a masterclass from Professor Henrike Lähnemann, Chair of Medieval German Literature and Linguistics. The class examined manuscripts made in the Cistercian convent of Medingen during the late 15th century.

Video of my paper Music Notation in Medingen Manuscripts preserved in Oxford




On the occasion of their concert on 3rd June 2018 at Festival Oude Muziek Nu in Hoorn (NL), AP Ensemble Trigon shared a videoclip with two early 17th-century songs from  the Amsterdam beguinage. It was taken during a concert presented on 17th December 2017 in castle ‘t Huys Delver (NL):


Ave maris stella

Nijmegen, UB, MS 402

Ensemble Trigon, Leiden (NL)


Ave Maria/O suyver maecht/O Maria Maria

Nijmegen, UB, MS 402

Ensemble Trigon,Leiden (NL)




Schola Gregoriana Pragensis perform a song originating from the 15th-century reform movement ‘devotio moderna’ that is transmitted in an early 17th-century manuscript from the beguinage in Amsterdam – a source worked on by Ulrike Hascher-Burger (HERA Soundme: Utrecht team)


Ihesum corde colite - Ons is gheboren

Nijmegen, UB, MS 402

Schola Gregoriana, Prag


Other videos about our HERA Sound memory project can be watched on the project website.