Johannes Tourout I erschienen


The first volume of the new KVNM-series "Johannes Tourout. Ascribed and attributable compositions in 15th-century sources from Central Europe", edited by Jaap van Benthem, has been published! Vol. I contains two masses: Missa Mon oeil • Missa Groß Sehnen ich im Herzen trage.

According to a papal document in the Vatican archives, dated July 1460, the singer Johannes Tourout, cleric from the diocese of Tournai/ Doornik and member of the familia of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, was granted a prebend at the church of Our Lady in Antwerp. Before this document became available, 20th -century references in literature were to ‘Johannes Touront’, the name added to some of his compositions. Publication of the Vatican document put an end to various speculations about his origin: Johannes Tourout was most probably born in (or near) the small town of Torhout/Thourout, situated in the western part of Flanders, near Bruges. Compositions ascribed to him are transmitted in the Trent Codices and Central-European Sources, but their style clearly suggests an initial musical training within Flanders or French-speaking territories. By his technical abilities and his clearly recognizable musical language the composer appears to have been not only a practical musician, but still more, one of the important initiators of a new era in which the treatment of text and music turned from a highly individual attitude into a more direct communication of feelings and emotions. Influence of the expanding literary art of the ‘Rederijkers’ (rhetoricians) in circles of the intellectual bourgeois in Flanders may be assumed.